how tall is a pontoon boat on a trailer

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Navigating Heights: Understanding the Clearance of Pontoon Boats on Trailers

If you’re in the market for a pontoon boat or already own one, understanding the height of the boat when towed on a trailer is crucial. In this blog post, we’ll delve into the typical height of a pontoon boat on a trailer and explore the factors that can influence it.

Standard Height of Pontoon Boats:

On average, the height of a pontoon boat on a trailer is approximately 13 feet. This measurement encompasses both the boat and the trailer. However, variations exist based on the specific make and model of the boat, along with any modifications or additions made to it.

Factors Affecting Height:

Several factors contribute to the overall height of a pontoon boat on a trailer:

  1. Boat Size: The boat’s size and length significantly impact its height when placed on a trailer. Larger pontoon boats naturally have a greater height than their smaller counterparts.
  2. Trailer Type: Different types of trailers have varying heights. For instance, a bunk trailer typically has a lower profile compared to a roller trailer.
  3. Tire Size: The size of the tires on the trailer is a contributing factor. Larger tires elevate the boat higher, while smaller tires allow for a lower clearance.
  4. Lift Kit: Some boat owners opt to install lift kits on their trailers to enhance clearance. This addition can increase the overall height by several inches.
  5. Accessories: Additional features such as towers, bimini tops, or wakeboard racks can also add to the overall height of a pontoon boat on a trailer.

Considerations for Transporting:

When transporting a pontoon boat, careful consideration is essential to avoid clearance issues. Here are some tips:

  • Measure Beforehand: Determine the height of your boat on the trailer before embarking on your journey to ensure it can safely pass under bridges or overpasses.
  • Account for Lift Kits: If a lift kit is installed, factor in its height when measuring the total clearance.
  • Observe Surroundings: Watch out for low-hanging branches, power lines, or any obstacles that could damage or obstruct the boat during transport.
  • Exercise Caution: During backing up or turning maneuvers, exercise caution to prevent collisions with obstacles that could impact the top of the boat.


In conclusion, while the standard height of a pontoon boat on a trailer is around 13 feet, various factors can influence this measurement. Taking proactive measures, such as proper measurement and route planning, ensures a safe and obstacle-free transport experience. By understanding the dynamics of your pontoon boat on a trailer, you can confidently navigate roads and reach your destination without a hitch. Happy boating!

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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