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Navigating the Waves: Best Center Console Boats Under 20 Feet

In the realm of boating, center console boats have surged in popularity, offering a perfect blend of versatility and functionality. For those seeking a compact yet efficient watercraft, especially under the 20-feet mark, this guide explores top picks that deliver on both performance and budget considerations.

Why Choose a Center Console Boat?

Center console boats present compelling advantages that make them a preferred choice for various boating activities:

  • Versatility: Open layout and ample deck space cater to fishing, water sports, and cruising.
  • Easy Accessibility: The center console design allows seamless movement around the boat, providing quick access to all areas.
  • Stability: Wide beam and low center of gravity contribute to exceptional stability, making them ideal for navigating rough waters.

Now, let’s delve into our top picks for center console boats under 20 feet.

1. Boston Whaler Montauk 17

Measuring just over 17 feet, the Boston Whaler Montauk 17 is a classic center console known for durability and performance. Its unsinkable foam-filled hull, spacious deck, and ample storage compartments make it a versatile choice for both fishing and recreation.

2. Sea Hunt BX 22 BR

The Sea Hunt BX 22 BR excels in versatility, comfort, and performance. Designed to handle rough waters with ease, it offers a smooth ride, spacious deck, and generous storage space—ideal for both fishing and family outings.

3. Robalo R160

Despite its smaller size, the Robalo R160 packs features with a wide beam and deep-V hull design for excellent stability and handling. The large console, built-in cooler, and abundant storage space make it a practical choice for day trips.

4. Grady-White Fisherman 180

The Grady-White Fisherman 180 stands out for superior handling and stability. Well-suited for fishing and family outings, it features comfortable seating, a spacious deck, and convenient amenities such as a built-in cooler and rod holders.

5. Key West Boats 189 FS

The Key West Boats 189 FS offers versatility for both fishing and water sports. Its shallow draft makes it perfect for navigating shallow waters, while the spacious deck and comfortable seating enhance its appeal for family outings and cruising.

Additional Tips for Choosing a Center Console Boat

When selecting a center console boat, consider the following tips:

1. Intended Use

Consider your primary use—fishing, cruising, or water sports—and choose a boat that aligns with your specific needs.

2. Storage and Transportation

Think about where you’ll store the boat and whether you’ll be towing it to different locations. Ensure it is size-appropriate for storage and towing.

3. Test Drive

Before making a purchase, take the boat for a test drive to assess its on-water performance and handling.

4. Research and Reviews

Conduct thorough research on the brand and read reviews from other boat owners to gauge overall quality and reliability.

5. Budget Consideration

Factor in your budget, including additional costs such as maintenance, storage fees, and equipment.


Choosing the right center console boat under 20 feet requires thoughtful consideration of various factors to align with your needs and budget. The highlighted boats in this guide offer unique features and advantages for diverse boating activities. Conduct thorough research and consider your specific requirements to ensure you find the perfect watercraft for your next adventure. Happy boating!

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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